Journal Club

Highlights of new plant-related research: It’s what’s new under the sun.

Sentinel D1 and the Dangerous Double Life of a Distinctive Diazotroph: 12/24/14

PPD1 and PSI (Two Tales): 08/16/14

Plants with super powers: 03/28/14

Some answers for Q: 03/16/14

Hot peppers under the microscope: 02/03/14

Old trees capture carbon faster: 01/18/14

Genomic revelations on a microbial marriage 01/13/14

Cyanobacteria shed 01/11/14

But kleptoplasts are special 01/10/14

No such thing as photosynthetic sea slugs 01/07/14

NAL1 Spikes Back 12/20/13

Photosynthetic Megacomplexes 12/04/13

Carboxysome Assembly 11/21/13

Setting your clock by photosynthesis 11/04/13

Restoring balance to the (proton-motive) force 10/28/13

D1 processing and PSII assembly (in plants!): 10/04/13

Throwback Thursday Roose and Pakrasi 2004: 09/26/13

Better Rice Photosynthesis: 09/14/13

PSII water channels: 08/09/13

SOQ1: a new NPQ component 7/31/13

How thylakoids get their curves 07/15/13

Counting beans: Crop production for 2050 07/05/13

Plants are mathematicians 6/28/13


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