My research

//Sorry about the blog going dark for the past week. Posts may continue to be fewer and far between than regular for the next couple of weeks.*//

So far on this blog, I’ve talked very generally about photosynthesis, plant biology, energy and agriculture. I’ve even manged to sum up the entire photosynthesis research field in less than 140 characters in response to the challenge by @Prof_GD_Foster #sciencefieldinatweet.

It’s true, as a field, photosynthesis research will help us understand how to get more biochemical energy out of the photosynthetic organisms we depend on. The insights we gain about this process can also be lifted out of biological context and the principles can be applied to manufactured systems for solar power generation. But this still doesn’t tell you exactly what I’ve been doing.**

I will be adding a new section to the blog that will provide the specifics of the projects I have worked on in the past and the vision I have for the future of my particular research interests. Check out the new ‘My Research’ page for more than you ever wanted to know about my work. It gives a relatively detailed description of the projects I’ve been working on, but I also plan to go through the papers I’ve published ala the Journal Club posts. I am also working on expanding the ‘Basics’ section with new pages that have more info that you would ever want about photosynthesis, plants and other photosynthetic organisms. So, I will be busy with adding research pages (among other things) for the next couple of weeks.


* For the few very loyal blog readers that may feel betrayed by the hiatus on the GMO Food series I’ve been working on… I haven’t forgotten and I will get back to it. Those posts just demand more time than I have right now to cover the subject adequately. Please be patient and in the meantime, read about my research and learn something new or keep reading about GMOs and food system issues on my Links page (I have been updating that page fairly often).

** Only those of you that may also know me in real life or those of you with uncanny attention to detail, may remember that Photosystem II is my favorite enzyme.


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