Links for GMOs and Food Issues

Links to relevant articles and groups that I found, but haven’t had the time to blog about myself.

Happy reading!




Youtube video series on GMO Myths



GMOs, Silver bullets and the trap of reductionist thinking

How does biotechnology help food security?


Here’s an article about how those new GMO-free Cheerios and Grapenuts have altered nutrition… in this case reduced vitamin content.


Biofortified is starting a blog post series to address whether or not GMO crops are fulfilling the promises made about them. Check out the initial post here: It’s a lot to cover, so check their blog homepage for subsequent posts in this series.





Another take on the Grist GMO finale


Can we really say no to GMO?

Big Island Ban on GM Crops


USDA de-regulation of 2,4D and Agent Orange connection

Perspective on Hawaii’s GMO ban


Moving beyond the facts

GMOs and Allergies

Cheerios and GMOs


Moms and GMOs

GMOS and gene flow


The Future of Agriculture Requires Dialogue

Year in review from Monsanto

Here are a couple of new (to me) Food/Ag blogs I came across:

Click, click, click because there’s tons of good stuff in there plus links to better stuff beyond. Here’s a couple of their GMO-related example posts to get you started.

Food Activists vs. Monsanto: A Farmer’s Perspective

G is for GMO


Year-end Review of GMO articles by Nathanael Johnson at Grist

Farmer vs. Farmer on GMO contamination


The right to know and the burden of learning

Food Resolutions for 2014

Do we really need GMOs?



GMO Arctic Apples

GMOs are green

Why we need GMO food


Here’s a link to a review on the effects of glyphosate in our modern agricultural system. (Glyphosate aka RoundUp is the herbicide for which the vast majority of GM crops have been engineered to be resistant)

Here’s another great wordpress blog delving into GMO issues.


About that paper linking a GMO diet to tumor-filled rats… it’s being retracted by the publisher (at the protest of the authors). Check out these links that analyze the main problems with the conclusions (more links and links-worth of analysis contained therein). It’s not the conclusion itself, but the protocol, rats used, and poor statistical analysis that make the data hard to conclude whether there is a significant relationship. Note: pay close attention to the analysis by Retraction Watch in the second link. This brings up some general issues with scientific publishing and retraction in general. Should it be reserved only for obvious cases of error and fraud? Should it even be applied in this case where the main issues the scientific community has with the paper are just deeply flawed science that should have been caught in the peer review process?


The GMO labeling debate (a follow-up on scientific American)

Changing the Global Food Narrative: The dominant story about the future of the world food supply is logical, well known and wrong


A report on Bt cotton in India


GMOs vs. antibiotics overuse (separate issues within our Food System that should both be dealt with, not necessarily presented as a Sophie’s choice)

GMOs: What is and isn’t true?

General Mills and GMOs

GMOs and environmental issues


Change the Food System by Starting Early

Making sense of lists


Argumentum ad Monsantum

Forbes article on GMO safety and sustainability


GMO Safety


The Amish use GMOs (an interesting viewpoint of technology)

GMO Wine (well, sort of, maybe)

Global Food Waste Explained by Five Tomatoes


From Europe:

More on Golden Rice:

State of Food Insecurity:


Destruction of GMO Papayas in Hawaii

Hunger, Food Security and the African Land Grab


The Ag and Food Sectors of the US Economy (numbers from the USDA)

The Language of the GMO Food Debate

Six Degrees of Monsanto


Good food starts at the kitchen with seeds

ICYMI: Farmers Feed Us

GMO Labeling Debate (with more links at the bottom of the article)

More on the GMO labeling debate

GMO safety debate: Before you get put off by the title, keep reading. The overall debate about the role of GMOs in our food system is not over. I especially liked this quote:

“Our society’s unresolved controversy over GMOs is not about safety; it’s about whether we have an acceptable process in place to ensure that our health is not put at risk for the sake of biotech’s bottom line.”


GMOs and Cancer in Rats Study Commentary

What does it mean to be genetically modified?

A tale of two tomatoes

Interesting hashtag for GMO-related reading #GMOMonday or #GMO


Standing up for GMOs

Research funding key for food production after 2015

Solutions for sustainable agriculture and food systems

The precautionary principle in feeding current and future generations


FAO Food Waste Report

Interesting Food and Ag stats from USDA-ERS


NPR Audio: The plants in your liquor cabinet

Food and Agriculture Spotlight

More Food Resources from SciAm (lots of links on this page)

The Curse of the Frankenfoods (with a good list of links for even more info at the bottom)


The Future of Food Conference (2005) presentation list and links

The Future of Food: An Introduction to Ethical Issues in Genetically Modified Foods

Fundraising for GMO labeling legislation with spirited comment section

GMO OMG movie review

Q&A about our food system:  Genera (GENetic Engineering Risk Atlas)

“a searchable database of peer-reviewed research on the relative risks of genetically engineered crops that includes important details at-a-glance”

A guide to bias. As humans we can’t completely get rid of it, so let’s at least be upfront and honest about it.

GMO studies from independent funding


Where does your food come from? Check out this cool interactive graphic from SciAm.

Boston Review Forum on GMO Food: Lots of different perspectives and lively comments section

A nice summary of the conflagration of science, ethics and economics for GMOs

An organic farmer and a geneticist walk into a field


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