Post Summer Solstice Post

I hope you went outside yesterday and soaked up the sun during the longest day of the year. I know I did along with a lot of autotrophs in the Northern Hemisphere. Project Budburst was counting on summer observations and I gave you additional encouragement and details in yesterday’s post.


I made my observation yesterday. ICYMI, the Crape Myrtles planted along our town’s main drag are in full bloom these days. Now everyone on the interwebz knows.


Then I went to check the observation map.


Nailed it!

But then I thought…


Well, fine. I’m the only one in Louisiana that bothered to report that the Crape Myrtles are blooming. Let’s hope more of you bothered to notice them in real life even if you didn’t log it on the internet. I’m sure it won’t come back to haunt you when science fair season rolls around.* My observation for our state puts us ahead of South Dakota, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Arizona, Delaware, New Hampshire and Maine. So that’s something!



*Passive-aggressive comment of the day.


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