Spring-spiration: Plant Color

I’m hosting April’s Berry Go Round blog carnival and the theme is plant color.* So writers of plant science, nature and gardening: whip up something entertaining, informative and colorful (new or old) and submit your links here by the 26th of the month. You can talk about your favorite colors, unusual colors, pigment biosynthesis, how plants use color, how humans have painted new colors onto our favorite plants, color patterns, temporal color changes etc. The canvas is blank and waiting for you. Of course, I’m supportive of posts about all photoautotrophs for those adventurous writers daring to step away from the plant kingdom and delve into algae, cyanobacteria and other microscopic photoautotrophs. Heck, if your post is about fungi, you’ll probably get a pass if it’s colorful enough. I will compile them all together in a link-fest blog carnival by the end of the month.

Spring is definitely here to stay at my latitude, so here are some colorful pictures for inspiration.**

azalea Digitalis Johnny Jump Ups Digitalis Rhododendron bearded iris wisteria iris red clover



*The March Berry Go Round featured posts about Unusual Edibles. Check it out: http://emmacooper.org/blog/march-berry-go-round-unusual-edible-plants

**All photos taken by myself at Afton Villa Gardens in St. Francisville, LA


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