Say Hello and Feedback Welcome


Information (Photo credit: heathbrandon)

I’ve been blogging for about 5 months now and WordPress has been keeping up with lots of statistics for me about how people find my blog. This endeavor started as a chance to communicate with a general (not necessarily scientific) audience about basic scientific research in general and research related to my field (photosynthesis and plant biology). It was really just a chance to let my friends and family (via social media) know more about what I’m doing and why it’s important. Along the way, some of my posts have needed extra background information that I have stored as static pages as this site has developed. According to WordPress, this blog gets a low but steady stream of hits from search engines for users looking for more information about photosynthesis basics. Things like how the light reactions and the dark reactions work, what other organisms perform photosynthesis etc. Now, in the fantasy world that exists only in my head, I envision these searchers are hungry for knowledge about photosynthesis because it is such a fundamentally important biochemical reaction for life on earth. Everyone should want to know more! But I know that the real reason people are probably searching for this information is because they are students that need some clarification or extra help completing homework assignments or studying for tests.

I get it. During class, you were probably lulled to sleep to the droning of “chlorophyll-bore-o-phyll.” As a classroom lecture topic, photosynthesis could use better spin to make it more interesting. The details can be tough to get through, making you hate it all the more. Maybe this is the state of mind you find yourself in when you stumble upon my blog. I hope you find it useful and understandable. I’m still working on adding more pages with even more information. The static pages on this site do not allow for comments or contacting me, but the posts do. So, I’m writing this post to give you the chance to give some me feedback and let me know how I’m doing. Did you find the information you were looking for? What other topics need to be included? If you still have a specific question about photosynthesis, try the ‘contact’ form below. For those of you brave enough, you are also welcome to de-lurk yourself in the comments below. Let me know your education level, what you’re looking for and why or what you think about the blog and pages on this site.



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