Tweet Your Science

Here’s something for both the scientists and non-scientists reading this blog… a new initiative called Tweet Your Science. It’s a database that allows scientists to register their Twitter handles. Remember, I’ve mentioned before that scientists need to make their research more publicly accessible and social media is the way to go. So, for those of you scientists already tweeting scientific pearls of scientific wisdom into the Twittersphere, go ahead and register yourself. The database just catalogs some general information about your affiliations and research interests.* For those of you non-scientists that are already ahead of the curve by using Twitter to keep up with breaking new information, consider searching the Tweet Your Science database. You can search by keywords to find scientists working on things you may be interested in. Become a follower to keep up with the latest and get to know a scientist. There are lots of scientists on Twitter that share what they are working on and its significance in easily understandable ways.

Sure, we may complain about failed experiments…

dwindling funding for science…

and our cats (It’s still the internet, right?)…

but you also get  nuggets like this from some of the scientists (and groups) I follow…

But some of you attentive readers may worry about using social media because of yesterday’s post on the influence it has on your perception of science. Don’t worry baby birds (pun intended because you need to give Twitter** a try), it’s all about being aware of sources of bias and influence. Call me naïve, but I haven’t given up hope that humanity can still engage in spirited and productive debates on polarizing scientific issues, that people can make decisions based on data and logical arguments.


* As far as I know, I didn’t give away any of my children or inadvertently put myself on any government watch lists, but I didn’t read the fine print that carefully either.

** I’m really not receiving any kickbacks from mentioning Twitter. I haven’t figured out how to make $$$ tweeting and blogging.


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