Postdoc Appreciation

Happy Postdoc Appreciation Day/Week*! Yes, it’s a real thing. Celebrate the postdocs in your life! Not sure how to do that, what a postdoc is and why they need to be appreciated? Here’s a sampling from around the web**…

Also, Superhero Dr. PhD will be taking the week off… not really. She has to substitute teach for Tenured PI later this week.

Finally, if you are an under-appreciated postdoc (itinerant academic worker), hang in there. I appreciate you. Keep updating that LinkedIN profile and scouring the sciencecareers website and employment will happen for you. Also, check out these great resources:

National Postdoctoral Association



* I guess it depends on how much you appreciate them.

** Because I didn’t have time to write anything more insightful.

(All images by the brilliant Jorge Cham)

*** If you check out their blog section, my guest post is still there, just sayin’.


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