Further Reading on Food

Just a quick blurb for those of you following my blog with an interest in GMOs and our modern food system… The September 2013 issue of Scientific American is the ‘Food Issue’ with many articles delving into various aspects of our relationship with food. You can have a look at the table of contents to get an idea of the range of topics. Some articles appear to be available online, while others will require a subscription or payment for access. If you are interested in purchasing this single issue, it is available electronically for $5.99. This week in particular has been dubbed ‘Food Week’ and many of their freely available blog posts will focus on food-related issues. And in other food news, the New York Times had a piece out last week on engineering a better supermarket tomato (but not in the way you think, definitely click-worthy no matter your GMO predilections). If you would like to get different views than may be represented in the previously mentioned venues, check out the Food section of Grist for more articles on food science news.

So if you are hungry for some more food-related reading, have these as your appetizer because it will be a few more posts before I get back to the GMO issue on this blog.



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