GMO Poll Results

FYI- The results are in for the poll at the bottom of my last GMO-related post. (Continue to vote if you are just coming across it. I will try to revisit it again once I’ve wrapped up this series.) Your final answer… a resounding MAYBE.

No one voted yes or no. I take this to mean that many of you have significant reservations about the implementation of GMO crops. These could be in the form of not trusting the agribusiness model that has benefited the most from GMOs so far or not trusting the safety and regulatory practices currently in place. Bonus points to the responder that answered ‘other’ with a concern about how GMO crops may affect non-GMO crops nearby. While I have advertised these issues as the non-science side of GMOs, we do still have some more science to cover in terms of safety, efficacy and environmental impact.

I hope to address the current state of all of these issues as the series continues. Look ahead for more information on the business side of producing GMOs for agriculture and how we currently regulate GMOs. However, for the next few days, I hope to share some fun and science and fun-science posts. So there will be a few days-worth of break before getting back to GMOs. If you are only interested in GMOs, then you can check out my ‘Highlights’ page that indexes links to all of the posts in that series (among other things).

I’m posting the Poll again in this post. You should be able to click a ‘view results’ to see the specifics. Thanks for the 13 of you that voted. If you feel your voice wasn’t adequately represented, vote now.



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