GMOs are popular

Well, GMOs are apparently a hot topic! Just so you know, my blog view count for the past couple of days as set a record.* So, even though GMOs are largely unpopular in real life, they are quite popular on-line. That’s great. I feel honored that so many people have found the time to click by and hear my two-cents worth of opinion on the matter. Gathering all kinds of data, literature, and opinions from all sides on a variety of GMO-related issues takes a considerable amount of research. These posts are quite time-intensive: something that I am quite short on this week for reasons beyond the blog.  I also wanted to cover some new research in the world of cyanobacteria from the meeting I attended last week, so for the rest of the week I’ll be blogging about that science. I will have more on the GMO series next week (I just didn’t want to disappoint you or leave you hanging). So check back then. I will share my posts via Twitter and Facebook, so you can find me that way or sign up for e-mail alerts via the wiki on the home page. Of course, you are always welcome to stop by for all of my posts and learn what’s new under the sun for pond scum before I get back to GMOs.


*Don’t worry, I don’t know what individuals out there have been clicking on my blog posts and pages. The WordPress stats tool just tells me how many page views I get and some idea of where they are coming from (i.e. Google searches, Facebook posts, Twitter etc.). They also show me a map with colored-in countries to keep track of people clicking in from around the globe.


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