Keeping up with Science

I’ve mentioned before that scientists need to do a better job at communicating status updates on their research via on-line tools and social media. While we are working on bringing the science to you, I thought I would compile a list of links for breaking science news. These sites and blogs translate the new findings from the scientific literature into understandable stories and place them in context for you. These will be permanently posted under the Science News and Blogs link on the Resources page. In addition to having their own websites, many also have active Facebook pages and Twitter feeds if you would ‘like’ to ‘follow’ them that way too.

Science News Sites

Blog Sites

Each of these sites hosts numerous science blogs from all different fields- scan them all or just find your favorite blogger to follow.

Of course, there are quite a few other science hacks like myself that are just running their own blogs. Once you start looking into groups that you normally keep up with (maybe your local school district, university departments, non-profit organizations), you will be surprised how many of these people are using online social media tools and blogs to spread useful new content.

Now, your homework assignment* is to click on some of these links** and bookmark your favorite (or two or three or more!) and/or sign up for their updates via your favorite social media outlet. Get connected to the latest happenings in the wider world of science!


*No, I won’t be grading, but you should take 5-10 minutes out of your day to learn something new about the world around you.

**Well, the footnote above isn’t entirely true. The folks at WordPress keep up with a variety of statistics for me about my blog (what scientist is going to resist clicking on the stats link?). So I do know how many people have viewed my blog on any given day and which embedded links they clicked on. Creepy, right? Don’t worry you are still anonymous, but I do expect to see some clicking today people!


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