Plant resource links

Today I wanted to pass along a couple of useful websites that curate a ton of information on plant sciences. (Thanks to the folks in my Twitter feed for the links for these.) You can check them out from their links in this post and the permanent links on the Resources page. This site has tons of links to plant science resources including education and outreach material for learners of all ages, plant species databases as well as advanced education and career opportunities links in the plant sciences. The multimedia gallery with lots of plant images, microscopy pictures and time-lapse videos of plants. There is even a tab to find ‘plant science near you’ so you can find these elusive scientists I’ve been telling you to get to know. (Of course, you should get to know more than just plant scientists, but they are a great place to start.)

iPlant Collaborative This one’s for scientists. In the spirit of connecting the specific dots within the larger grand challenges in plant biology, the iPlant Collaborative is creating cyber-infrastructure to allow scientists to work better together. I’ve mentioned before how it takes scientists across numerous disciplines to solve the problems of sustainable agriculture and bioenergy production, but more than that- it takes these different scientists working together to make progress on these challenges. Eventually the piecemeal results of individual lab groups must be synthesized into a cohesive strategy for change. It’s a way to help standardize ‘big data’ analysis and make it accessible to all research groups. Instead of each group having its own programmers/analysts writing unique applications, researchers can use the cyber-infrastructure of the iPlant Collaborative to mine through large datasets and test models.



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